Strategic Planning

Businesses count on us to deliver practical and cost-effective strategic plans that support changing business and mission needs.
Our strategic planning service areas include:
– Enterprise Planning
– IT Investment Management
– Human Capital Management
– IT Strategic Initiatives
– Enterprise Architecture Management

Infrastructure Operations

With our extensive knowledge of different business models we apply technology that will improve productivity, customer service and satisfaction.
Our infrastructure operations service areas include:
– Systems and Storage
– Service Desk Support
– Security and Information Assurance
– Network and Telecommunications
– ITIL Operations
– Consolidation and Migration

Help Desk

Our on call remote IT support helps save our customers time and money when using remote Help Desk services.

Our help desk services include:

– Direct phone support
– Online ticketing system
– Remote desktop support services
– IT dispatch service for rapid onsite service

Project Management

Management teams align project performance with metrics and mission through our expert advice and strategic services.
Our program management service areas include:
– Performance Management
– Project Portfolio Management
– Project and Portfolio Tool Implementation
– Business Case Development and Analysis
– ITIL v3 Process Development and Management
– Total Quality Management (TQM)
– Earned Value Management (EVM)
and Reporting
– Business Metrics Development
– Records and Document Management

Network Engineering & Architecture Services

With end-to-end support from Technetium offers businesses maintenance for large-scale, high-performance, multi-service networks that deliver results.
Our network engineering and architecture service areas include:
– Virtualization
– Systems Consulting Services
– Network Technology
– Application Development and Web Services
– Cloud Computing
– Collaboration and Unified Communication

As the lines blur between business and residential support, it is increasingly important to have a support staff that can cover your business and your home.
We have listed many of our services below. If you would like more information on each service, just click on the service for more information. (Sorted Alphabetically) 

Technology has a way of touching everything you do. It used to be much easier to hookup, integrate, and control your TV and Stereo. It’s time to have one person help integrate and troubleshoot your technology.
We understand you want to…
Watch streaming movies on your TV.
You want to listen to music throughout your house.
You want one remote.
You want to have access to your content anywhere… anytime.
We know. We understand.
Not only can we help integrate these systems, but we can also setup your TV! Heck, we will even hang it on the wall for you. We make sure everything operates the way you want.

We have decided the best way to support our clients is to remain an independent third party. We will discuss your needs and then we will help decide which service is right for your wallet and your data.

Why do you need an online backup?

10 Reasons You Need Online Backup For Your Business and Your Home

1. You do not have a consistent strategy for backing up your computers and servers. Not backing up your computer systems opens the door to liabilities and huge losses in revenue and reputation. At home, it could mean losing all your data and precious files and pictures.

2. You want a reliable offsite backup solution that works. Our online backup service combines market leadership in storage solutions with award-winning software so you enjoy worry-free backup.

3. You don’t have time to roll out a backup solution. We can deploy our service to thousands of users in a fraction of the time it takes to build traditional backup solutions, saving you time and resources.

4. You aren’t willing to compromise security for convenience. Our service uses the highest security standards and offers customers the option of added security by choosing a personal encryption key. All files are transferred using an SSL encryption.

5. You want a set-and-forget backup solution that you don’t have to constantly monitor. We can schedule your backups to run daily, weekly, or monthly, or as frequently as every two hours for near continuous backup.

6. You don’t have time to think about it. Stop wasting time and money with hardware, stacks of CDs, and traditional tape backup systems. Our service frees up your time.

7. You don’t want to pay for software you aren’t using. Our online backup service is flexible. We’ll help you determine the best solution for your business or home and eliminate excessive costs.

8. You want a complete backup solution without the hassle. A sound backup strategy involves both a local and an offsite copy of your data.

9. You’re tired of the headaches associated with backing up remote and branch offices, as well as your home. We manage multi-user environments easily and efficiently so you don’t have to.

10. You have a limited budget to spend on backup. Our backup solutions are affordable, with no hardware to purchase and little management required by you.

As businesses become more mobile, people work from home, and use their hand helds constantly, an IT professional that can integrate these technologies becomes essential. Firms can save costs by having a virtual environment which can be accessed from anywhere. Why pay an in house IT Director $150K+ when you can have the same knowledge without the overhead and benefits? Our services will cost you a fraction of their salary!

Our specialty is setting up virtual environments for email (including exchange), content sharing, phone systems, websites, data sync, and anything else you need to access from anywhere. We work with systems and solutions from many of the big names in this space including Google, Microsoft, Intermedia, Go Daddy, 1and1, and Mozy.

Many of our clients begin with hourly billing allowing us to get started immediately. Hourly billing works well for all of our services and it allows you to take advantage of our “one stop shop” structure. As an example, you may need a few hours of time in different areas. You may want your website updated, virus removal, and shopping assistance. By billing hourly we can handle all these requests and just invoice you once.

Many hourly clients that require daily or weekly assignments benefit by switching to monthly billing. Monthly billing allows us to determine work load and estimate pricing. In addition to a flat fee, clients choosing monthly billing save in other areas when other services are needed. As an example, if a monthly billing client requests help with a website update, they would receive a lower rate than an hourly client.

Projects are billed hourly, monthly, or as a flat rate. Projects are considered a one time assignment that has a clearly defined scope setting a start and end time with expected results. Some projects can continue on past the initial scope by adding monthly maintenance billing such as website support after creation.

We offer full cabling solutions for your home and business.

Do you need…

• Someone to clean up your current phone, network, speaker, and other cables?

• Remodeling and need someone to run cables or plan cables?

• Building new and need everything from planning to installation?

We do it all! Residential and Commercial. We can run cables for almost anything…. Speakers, Network, Phone…. AND we have even teamed up with contractors so that we can help you when the job calls for more than just cable like: electrical, outlets, drywall patching, repair….

Things are running slow… your irritated… you have been putting off dealing with whatever issue you have and it’s finally at the point where you just need to do something.

It’s time for a tune-up! We can perform a tune-up at your location or remotely.

We will check and clean-up:

• Viruses, malware, and spyware

• System clutter and excess

• Unwanted start-up programs

• Anything that we notice that is, or could be, an issue moving forward

So… What if things are running well? How long would you wait before you changed your car’s oil? 6 months maybe? Maybe you’d push it to a year? When was the last time you had your system checked? 1 year? 2 years? Longer? It’s time for preventative maintenance! We recommend quarterly or AT LEAST every 6 months.

Deep Cleaning

You really want everything checked every which way and you want us to clean, remove, and tune-up. We will pick up your machine and perform a deep cleaning. This service is most commonly requested when you have a virus or your computer is running really slow. It takes time to effectively clean and check all parts of your computer. That’s why this is a flat rate service where we put in as much time as it takes to get your system running right.

So you want a super computer, huh! No problem. We wanted one as well. In fact, we have a triple 28″ monitor setup with 3 Over clocked cards running SLI without even using water cooling!

Ready to call us to get started now? This is what we need from you:

• Budget – This is the big one. This will determine your options. You can get a lot of power in many ways and you don’t need the bleeding edge parts to accomplish cutting edge performance. All we need to do here is set expectations and let us do the research for you.

• Goals – What are you going to use the machine for? Are you trying to play a certain game? Maybe your a super multi- tasker and need 3 screens? Maybe four? Dare I say six?

• Restrictions – Size, noise, power… you name it… do you have any?

• Completion Date – If your looking to get this done ASAP and money is the least of your concerns we can get a system to you in 24-48 hours. If you want the most bang for your buck you will have to wait for us to order the parts.

If you have already decided on your system or ordered parts we can build it for you and install the operating system and drivers. We will also stress test the system to make sure everything works.

Oh No! Your computer crashed… Not to worry. We have a very good track record recovering data from PC’s and MAC’s.

If we can’t get your data back within 48 hours we can coordinate sending your drive to a data recovery company that will disassemble your drive and manually recover the files. Even in the event of hardware failure!

We have a very high success rate recovering data.

PlayStation, Wii, Xbox, Apple TV, ROKU, PC Games, Handhelds, Vintage Gaming systems…. Who can keep them all straight?

Common questions we hear…

• How do I set it up?

• How do I use the interface to navigate around?

• How do I integrate the console into my surround sound system?

• How do I hook up two screens? Maybe three screens?

• I want a faster internet connection for online gaming. Do I need a faster internet connection?

• How do I Setup up Netflix?

• How do I stream itunes?

Whatever you want to do… we know how to do it… and… we’re here to help.

Your computer will not turn on… Maybe it won’t boot up? Whatever the problem may be we can help get it working again. We will troubleshoot the issue and purchase parts as needed. If the parts are available locally we will purchase them and get your computer back to you promptly.

We also can upgrade your hard drive, memory, video card, or add additional hardware as requested.

You have an ipad, iphone, Android phone or tablet, or maybe a windows tablet or phone and need help. We have experience with all these devices.

We can help with:

• Email setup

• Apps

• Training

• Questions

• Syncing

• icloud

• Troubleshooting

• itunes

• Messaging

• How To’s

… and the list goes on, but you probably already found what you are looking for  

Not only will we setup your new system, but we can also take the hassle out of transferring all your data and programs. We know how much of a pain it is to get a new computer and have everything different. We will go to great lengths to make your desktop and software look just like your old one.

We will also handle all the troubleshooting, compatibility, and installs!

You need help with this and that. Going to a class is a waste of time because you either start as a beginner, intermediate, or expert. You don’t want to sign up as a beginner and find out it’s too easy. You also don’t want to call yourself an expert and then not understand what they’re talking about. So what do you do? You sign up for the intermediate class and spend week in and week out to learn a few nice pointers… BUT nothing directly answered your issues or questions.


Forget going to a class. We know your busy. One-On-One training is the only way to go!

Here’s how it works…

• Keep a running list of questions and issues.

• If nothing on your list needs immediate attention you can wait until you have 5 or 10 items and give us a call.

• We go through your questions and get you the answers you really need

We can even help you remotely at your convenience during off hours.

You just bought a Computer, Printer, Router, DVD, TV, {Fill in your device here} and you’re not sure how to hook it up.
No sweat.
We can help set it all up and get everything working. Additionally, we can integrate all your technology or troubleshoot an issue while we are at your location.

Did you know that restricting what a child or employee can view on their system is much easier than you think? We have many different ways to help you accomplish access restriction.

Simple restrictions we can help implement

• Block certain websites

• Turn off access to the internet between certain hours

• Create an administrator on a system that can change or lock out settings of the users

You need a new desktop or laptop. You know what you want, but you really don’t want to take the time to do all the research, check out models in stores, and deal with sales people. Well… you don’t have to!

You tell us what your looking to purchase, give us a budget, and we’ll buy you the best system or equipment you can get for the money.

No more…

• Research

• Driving around to look at systems

• Sales people who work on commission

No one wants to go to the store (or even online) and figure out what they should buy. Especially, when you’re not versed in the lingo and you may not know what you really need.

We can…

• Do the research for you

• Go to the store and purchase

• Bring it to you and set it up!

Who else does that?

We take the guess work out of buying a new computer, a TV, Stereo, Network equipment, or whatever your looking to purchase.

Nothing puts the brakes on your computer experience than a computer virus or other infection. These guys can be nasty.

So how do you know you have one?

Common symptoms:

• Your computer asks you to buy something to fix an issue

• Everything is running really slow

• You get a pop-up message when booting up or going online

• Your getting messages of hardware failure

• Your internet connection stops working

• Your email is sending out spam emails to your contact list

Not to worry! We can get you up and running in an hour or less. We also offer deep cleaning. If you would like us to remove the infection, as well as, go through your system for other hidden issues, we can pick up the system and get it back to you the next day

We can help you with a turn key website, fix issues with your existing site, or make modifications to your existing design.


• You want to make some changes?

• Your site is down?

• You want to change a layout or align some images?

• You need to revamp to get better SEO

We can help you reach your goal. We can also help with domain transfers and registration issues.

If your looking for a Turn Key website we will register the domain of your choice, setup hosting, install WordPress, help you in choosing and customizing a template, add or upload your content, train you on how to change and add to your site, and we can also monitor your site and maintain it for you!

Why WordPress?

We have found through the years that WordPress (once setup and configured):

• Is easy to use

• Easy to change and modify

• Easily integrates with Social Networking sites

• Can be designed to be mobile friendly

• Secure YET flexible

• Has a HUGE community and many self help and paid help options

• Is supported and hosted by most domains

and… As a framework, WordPress is the easiest and fastest to deploy and most users can change and edit their content with little to no help.

So you need wireless? Maybe your wireless coverage is not extending to the places you want? Maybe it’s too slow? Whatever it may be we can extend and setup wireless and wired networks in studio apartments all the way up to a 10,000 square foot office or house!

If you live or work in a 2000 sq/ft space we can just buy the equipment you need and head over. If you’re in a larger space we like to do a 15 min walk through to make sure we purchase the right equipment.

If you’re having poor wireless coverage or a slow wireless network we will need to inspect your location to try and figure out the reason for the issues. It may be an easy fix or we may need to purchase equipment.

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